Friday, October 7, 2016

Three Unusual Materials for Cool Modern Wedding Rings

Choosing wedding rings is an interesting time when you can find out a lot about your partner's ideas about style. It is one of the few occasions where 'his and hers' is normal rather than kitsch, with many couples going down the traditional route and picking rings that match. Here is a great site for wedding rings Dallas if you are looking for something typical in metals like gold or platinum, however many couples these days are going a bit unorthodox when it comes to the materials their rings are made out of. Whether it's a case of choosing something less expensive because you're on a tight budget, or you just want something other than the classic band of gold, here are three interesting alternative materials being used in wedding ring design:


Wood is really interesting. Not only is it extremely cheap to buy wooden rings or have them made, making it a romantic and inexpensive option for spur of the moment weddings, or couples who are saving for the birth of a child or to buy their first home and want a cheap symbolic ring they can perhaps replace in future with something more expensive when they have the money, but it is also incredibly customizable. Wood can be carved, polished, burned and finished in an infinite number of ways that can result in a truly unique, personalized pair of rings that really mean something. The natural, rustic look is also great if you tend to wear a bohemian kind of style, and is surprisingly easy to work in with your other accessories.


Titanium is not a budget option, and can cost as much as gold or platinum when it is in the form of jewelry, but this alternative has some great qualities. It is incredibly tough and durable, so is a good choice for people who work with their hands and are worried about damaging a fragile ring, and it has its own color and shine that has a cool, modern look. Titanium is being used more and more in men's jewelry, so you may find it easier to find rings for men in this material and perhaps match the style in more feminine platinum for the bride, but if you both love the style, then titanium women's wedding rings can also be found or commissioned.


Going back to cheaper wedding ring materials, enamel rings can be found for just a few dollars, but can be extremely pretty and look very well designed. The real advantage here is it allows you to have your choice of color and design throughout the whole ring, rather than just adding color accents with stones as you would on a gold or platinum band.
These are just three interesting materials to think about from both ends of the price spectrum. Whether money is your motivation to look for an alternative to gold and platinum, or you just want something different, alternative materials are well worth looking at as you choose your rings.

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