Thursday, September 15, 2016

How Your Woman Can Change You

According to a famous adage, behind every great man there stands a woman. This saying can be paraphrased the other way: behind every miserable man there stands a woman. Every woman is endowed with a great power to influence men. She can literally “sculpt” her significant other revealing as well as neutralizing some of his qualities. Interestingly, she often does it on a subconscious level following the model of the family in which she was brought up, particularly her father’s role in it.

Unfortunately, not all women realize how powerful they are and sometimes, their words and actions can have a detrimental effect on their men. Here are some tips provided by the relationship experts from Ukrainian Dating Site Romance Compass to help you understand that your woman isn’t changing you for the better.

1.      She focuses her attention only on your weak points. If your woman constantly finds faults with you and concentrates on your flaws, she only facilitates their multiplication and kills your inner potential.
2.      She doesn’t trust you. If your woman treats you with distrust, other people will also have doubts about you, no matter how hard you try to prove to them that you’re a reliable person.
3.      She is too independent. The woman, who voluntarily and consciously takes the responsibility for too many things and wants to take care of everything on her own, hurts your self-appraisal and develops irresponsibility in you: your skill to take the responsibility not only for yourself gradually disappear.
4.      She has doesn’t respect you. Here, the situation is the same as with trust. If your wife has no respect for you, don’t expect that your relatives and colleagues will respect you. As a rule, a man is judged by the way his woman treats him.
5.      She is always discontented with something. A perpetually dissatisfied woman poisons all of her family members with that feeling of displeasure. You will not even notice when you start complaining about the food, colleagues, politicians, and even parents. Obviously, living in this pool of negative energy will not benefit you in any way.
6.      She is constantly shouting at you, insulting, and humiliating. If your woman keeps insulting you, it will undermine your ego and make you an obedient hubby. In the worst case, it will lead to that you will raise your hand against your partner.
Such an impressive influence that a woman has on her man is predetermined by nature and evolution – these two factors distributed partners’ roles so that they can mutually complete each other. The man got the role of a breadwinner while the woman, being stronger psychologically or emotionally, got a unique ability to influence a relationship filling it with her female energy and giving it the right direction.
If a woman can discern good qualities in her man and accentuate them, they will multiply with the lightning speed. A man will not even notice that he has become more courteous, attentive, punctual, and as a result, more successful. If a woman truly believes in her man, she fills him with that “faith” and a man who believes in himself can attain everything he wants. Men are ready to remove mountains only for those women who accept them for who they are and don’t try to change or suppress them, who support them rather than criticize. There should be harmony in a relationship and it’s a woman who creates it.
You need to feel comfortable and at ease with your woman. If you get an emotional recharge and a great portion of inspiration after spending only five minutes with her, it’s your woman, your Mrs. Right. Cherish her and do your best to prove to her that she is that woman who stands behind the true man.

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