Friday, March 11, 2016

Pamela Katz & Mia Colona - People You Need to Follow...NOW!

Mia - Been following Mia for a long time now, cannot tell you much about her, just that we have one mutual friend. She seems to be friends with all the fashion bloggers, perhaps an instagram fashion blogger herself, but without the blog and without pushing product down your throat. Gorgeous girl with insanely cool style. Closing in on 19k followers, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't seem like many. Her style is 10x of that many people with 100k followers and maybe that is part of the charm. Go Follow Her, He is a Huge fan and can promise you will be too.

Pamela - Also been following Pamela for quite long time, again no clue how He stumbled upon her, but she is now closing in on 10k followers. Again, no clue how she isn't at 100k. From what He knows she is a dj and model. Cool style, I'll bet she doesn't think to hard about getting dressed and still manages to pull of outfits you can only dream of. No thanks needed for finding Pamela for you, just enjoy the pictures, give her a follow.

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