Friday, February 5, 2016

Top 3 places to meet Russian girls

If you decided that you want to date a Russian girl, the first thing you need to find out is how you would meet her. Many foreigners think that a Russian lady is simple to get, as she exceedingly wants to live her motherland and marry a foreigner. Obviously, the pivotal place to meet this woman is Russia; though, there are more places to meet with Russian women. In fact, Russian Diasporas are huge and can be found all over the world. More than thirty million former Russian and Soviet citizen found their homes in various countries on every continent (we mean literally ALL the continents). Therefore, many of them moved with the whole family and quite fond of preserving the authentic Russian culture and traditions. Brighton Beach district in New York is a nice example of Russian traditionalism.
However, there are many places where you can seek for Russian girls. We created top-list of such places - from least to best.
1.     Visit the Russian Federation. It is a great idea to search for Russian girls in the place where they are born! Russia is a huge country with a great diversity of nations and cultures. Nevertheless, the most relevant place to seek for girls is the so-called European part of Russia. The biggest cities are Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Voronezh, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod etc. As well, these cities are huge centers of industry and business, so you can double trip’s efficiency: look for new business development opportunities and find a girl for marriage. Isn’t it a wonderful idea? The most visited cities (and the most progressive, as well) are Saint Petersburg and Moscow, which is the capital of Russia. First one is often called “the cultural capital of Russia”, but it does not mean that Moscow has a lower level of cultural development. These cities have a marvelous and various historical heritage. Moscow girls are highly self-esteemed and flexible; Saint Petersburg’s women are more of humble and educated persons. We recommend you to visit both of these cities before making a decision. A little note: Russian people might look a bit sullen and inimical, but do not be distressed: it is a part of their mentality. They usually would not understand if you want to just purposelessly come around and start talking to them. Likewise, Russian girls would be evidently frightened and act uncertainly. Give her some time and be generous, a steep assertiveness does not work with Russian girls.
2.     An abroad vacation. Russian women love traveling. These girls would often choose Egypt and Turkey for their holiday trip. Book a room in a nice five-star hotel for your weekend. We assure you that there is a high possibility for you to meet a group of young Russian girls. There is another advantage of a meeting on a vacation. Of you find such girl spending time in a respectable hotel, it might mean she is well educated and have a nice and gainful job. As well, it might mean that she is from a respectable family that can pay for abroad holidays. Overall, these characteristics build an image of a decent and pleasant girl. Nonetheless, if you do not find a Russian date, you still have several days for rest, which is nice.
3.     Online dating. Yes, we can assure you that online dating is the simplest and most effective way to meet Russian woman for marriage. You would be surprised how many girls visit our or similar sites on a daily basis. In addition, these ladies feel more comfortable meeting online instead of live dates. It works for you: spending lesser time and having numerous girls in site simplify your search and minimizes your expenses. Although, do not forget about circumspection. Not only date sites, but factually any online facility can host frauds. Online shakedowns are not a rarity any more. Keep your personal information hidden and do not send your bank details. Overall, be careful with contact and personal information. If you are about to use a certain dating site, try googling it. Reputable sites always have nice testimonials and numerous reviews. In its turn, a fraudulent service would be unknown and uncommon to the internet community, or would have negative and revealing reviews. 

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