Tuesday, September 8, 2015

4 Ways to Incorporate Your Spring Clothing into Your Fall Silhouettes

Depending on where you are located in the world, you’ve probably started to transition for fall. Transitioning for fall may include ordering a favorite fall drink at Starbucks or switching from wearing shorts to jeans. Fall time also means cuddling up and reading a good book while the fire is on. This sound so relaxing, don’t you think?

But even though the season is supposed to bring cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your spring and summer wardrobe. In fact, you can still use many of the same pieces you own in your fall wardrobe too. So instead of putting away your reef beach shoes, keep them out! Who says you have to wear boots when you’d rather wear cute beach shoes?! Here are four ways you can continue to wear summer wear during the fall time.

4) Jeans and flip flops create a casual and cute silhouette.

Wearing a pair of long jeans will keep your legs warm but Reef clip on shoes are still an option. Why sacrifice comfort and style just because it’s fall time? Put on a favorite pair of cute beach shoes and be on your way to the beach or wherever else your adventures take you.

3) A maxi dress and a sweater will keep you cozy warm.

A maxi dress is another summer outfit you may find yourself tempted to put away, but just because it’s usually worn during the summer doesn’t mean it can’t be a fall staple too! A maxi dress is long which means it protects your legs, especially when it’s breezy and slightly chilly outside. Pair your maxi dress with a sweater if it’s an especially cooler day and don’t forget your Reef women’s shoes that will complement your silhouette.

2) A cardigan sweater goes perfectly with shorts.

If you don’t get that cold during the fall time, continue to put on your favorite pair of shorts, especially when the sun is out. The sun usually helps things warm up more, and besides, you can also put on a trendy geometric cardigan sweater too over your tee-shirt!

1)  Cowgirl boots with a dress keep things stylish and sassy!

Cowgirl boots are another accessory that often gets put away in the closet when fall arrives, especially if there is some pink or blue detailing. However, cowgirl boots will keep your feet warm and will also look wonderful with a pretty dress too! If you feel you still may be cold put on a leather jacket with your dress and a pair of socks before you put on your cowgirl boots. Now your fall time outfit is complete!

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  1. Great tips, I have to say I look forward to dressing for fall more than any other season, so many more options!



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