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FashionGIVEAWAY by He...Bikini Empire

There's nothing quite like putting on a great looking bikini!  Unfortunately, most suits today aren't designed to hold up to an active lifestyle.  That's why we created Bikini Empire.  Designed and manufactured (sweatshop-free) in British Columbia Canada, Bikini Empire are surf driven bikinis that combine plenty of sex appeal with amazing durability and versatility.  Made from high-quality (eco-friendly) Italian fabric, each Bikini Empire suit dries super quick, breathes easy and feels amazing against your skin.  

Hard not to fall in love with brands that help bring He's Go Cheeky dream to a reality. Found Bikini Empire on Kickstarter, and felt the need to help them take this to the next level, check out the interview, the giveaway and then head over to kickstarter to help them expand!

He sat down with Bikini Empire Queen, Kelsey for an interview...(HottHe's make hot clothing)

Describe Bikini Empire in one word. Brilliant! 

What sets the Bikini Empire apart? Sexy geometric shapes, great retro throwback styles and an amazing colour palette! Plus almost all of our suits are reversible, made from fine Italian eco-fabric and we produce in Vancouver, Canada, meaning our entire collection is sweatshop-free. 

What made you want to become a swimwear designer? Hmmm, probably the desire to *have* to product test bikinis year round in nice tropical locations, and a general dissatisfaction with the surf bikinis on the market. Paying $150 dollars for a bikini that 10,000 other girls have that was made by Chinese sweatshop slaves? No thanks. We knew we could do better!

What is one piece of clothing you cannot live without besides a bikini? Awesome leather ankle boots and the perfect sarong/scarf/blanket/towel item. I rock leather ankle boots year round with shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, bikinis.....

What are your favorite bikini accessories? A belly chain and a sick pair of shades. 

What is your all- time favorite piece you’ve designed for your line? Favorite piece in the current collection? They are one and the same!  My all time favourite is the railroad top from this collection. I worked on the design for over a year until it was perfect. It is so comfortable and is just the best surfing top, even in big waves. It is reversible and just so, so sexy!  We are going to produce it again next year- it was so popular we sold out in a month!

In your opinion, whats the biggest "fashion faux pas” when it comes to bikini wear?"I think the biggest fashion faux pas is more of an attitude faux pas... I hate it when women underestimate their own beauty, and wear some hideous dumpy suit that hides all their fabulousness.  None of us look like Gisele Bundchen, but who cares!?!?  Even if you have a little extra pudge doesn't mean you can't rock a tiny bikini and look amazing. Need proof?  Spend a summer in Southern Spain for a great lesson in self love and skimpy 'kini wearing!

If you could pick one person, that hasn’t worn one yet, to wear a Bikini Empire bikini who would it be? Hmmm, probably a pretty obvious choice but I'm going to say Rihanna.  Babe has style and a pretty incredible ass.

Where do you see swimwear going in the next few years? Do you forecast any major changes in fabrication/ fit/ style? I see a lot of more retro, Marilyn Monroe-esque styles coming back, as well as the continued domination of cute, skimpy surfer girl styles. North America is coming around to the thong, and not in the skanky stripper way.  Thongs feel fantastic, and your bum gets nice and tanned. What's not to love? I also think that a growing number of brands are going to move manufacturing back to North America because of the higher standard working conditions and better quality goods. 

Where would you like to see Bikini Empire in 5 years? Whats next up for Bikini Empire? We have our sights set high!  Our goal is to have retail representation across North America by 2017.  We have great designs and I know that an increasing amount of women are interesting in investing in nice quality pieces that weren't made overseas. Fast fashion is so last decade... just like fast food you look and feel like garbage when you take that stuff in.

Any advice for the aspiring designer trying to break into the market? Stick to your guns, don't let anyone bully you into thinking you can't do it! A lot of people have some pretty strange back-handed negative advice. Feel free to tell them to F***  OFF and just keep doing what you love!. If you have a great idea, be careful who you share it with, just secretly get started and then blow everyones minds.

Any last words? If you want to find out more about our brand, check out our Kickstarter campaign!  We are using Kickstarter to crowdfund our expansion, so you can pre-buy our 2016 collection AND fund a creative startup! 

 Reversible Onez One Piece
$110 value

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  2. Gorgeous pieces!
    Size: Small

  3. Love the reversible onesie. So chic for summer!

  4. I love everything that Bikini Empire is doing! These suits are so amazing and I cannot wait for another!!!!!! Thank you ladies.
    Size sm/md


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