Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why Summer in the City is Always a Winner

by Street fashion in the summer time is undeniably where it’s at. Arms, legs, backs and more brighten up the city streets in a way that makes all the aggravations of urban life fade away in an instant. A stylish cut here, the right line there and suddenly all the world becomes a brighter, happier, more stylish and altogether more beautiful place. Let’s hear it for the summer time.
The other side of summer
But with the passing of midsummer on June 21st the cold reality that the nights are drawing in and that summer will soon be turning to autumn brings its own bittersweet sting. It’s bitter because soon we’ll be contemplating the miserable prospect of a city full of heavy heeled pedestrians wrapped up against the weather in a way that sacrifices style on the street for the preservation of body heat. To hell with any hint of glamour. True, there are coats and boots that can delight the eye and raise the temperature, but the sad fact is that cold weather couture lacks summer’s celebratory flair. A glamour spotter’s task is considerably harder and colder in a rain drenched city full of dark overcoats, hats and wraparound waterproofs. Maybe that’s why the winter time is when people have to find things to keep themselves occupied indoors. Traffic at popular gambling sites, for example, peaks in winter because that’s when those in search of excitement are not able to get their kicks outdoors. If you're wondering, you can get your online casino fix at The online casino boom is remarkable but it's not just those hipsters who are forced indoors who are driving the craze. Those fashion accessories of mobile phones are also a factor in the internet casino boom, with it estimated that 164million people in the world will be using mobile devices to access online gambling by 2018.

by Devin_Smith
Glamour heads inside
Undeniably, the focus on fashion necessarily moves indoors, to the theatres, the restaurants, the bars and casinos and the other informal cat walks of daily life. It is a less welcoming environment for anyone hoping to capture someone’s style in moments of natural, un-posed, self-expressivity. Cameras are seldom quite so tolerated in these less free and easy settings.
That is not to say that there are not designs to gladden the eye and lift the spirits in these settings. An up-town restaurant, bar, casino or nightclub can be the perfect place to take in the full panoply of unfettered feminine style. There is even an argument that evening wear has even more to recommend it than anything we might expect to see by daylight. It’s just that the free and easy, loose lines of summer tend to be replaced by a more self-conscious and altogether less carefree styling.
Making the most of summer
But the sweetness in the midsummer milestone is the realisation that the best is yet to come. The thermometer is still rising and the stylist’s answer to the unrelenting demands of the city’s boiling heat will still be hitting the streets - if only for a while.
Truth to tell, late summer is the fashion spotter’s optimum time of year. The light is just that little bit warmer. The sense of green turning to gold sets off a more vibrant set of shades and everyone is just that little bit more tanned and that little bit more unselfconscious about being uncovered. It makes for a very much looser, more casual and more free and easy vibe all round.
It’s a combination of factors that work together to make life as simple as a white T shirt and a pair of denim shorts. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most striking. That is certainly true of the summer time. Let’s hear it one more time for the simple pleasures of summertime in the city. There really is nothing to beat it.

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