Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Join Ladies Day Out at Royal Ascot

The 18th of June is almost upon us. Now is the time to get ready and join your peers at the fantastic day out at Royal Ascot this year. Don’t miss the chance to experience the awe-inspiring hospitality of the most popular race meet in Britain, in the newly recreated Village of Royal Ascot.
Just as in the past, this year in 2015, the village will be ready once again to offer their premium hospitality to its guests. This is the one social event that should not be missed, as there is nothing on the calendar that beats this occasion.
 The Ascot Village, located directly opposite to the Grandstand, makes for the best base to host an exquisite days for the ladies. This event is extremely popular, boasting an unparalleled view from the private seating areas. Being situated directly adjacent with the winning post, the guests of this exquisite event have an immersive experience of the race, one that most other people cannot even dream of. Apart from the race, the guests also receive the perfect view point to gaze upon the Royal Procession.
The guests at Royal Ascot can also enjoy unlimited access to the Parade ring and the Grandstand all day long. For those that aren’t aware of the booking protocols, they can be made for 2 or more, and private tables can be booked for a maximum number of 10 guests.
Apart from being the best money can buy, there are a few more highlights to this place that you should be aware of. Depending on the package you use, you will have access to the following luxuries and amenities.
The complementary open bar sports only the finest wines, beers, and selected spirits. In the morning, a round of coffee is served, followed by the events scheduled for the day. Then, in the afternoon, your tastes buds will go on an adventure with the exquisite four-course luncheon.
Later, in the evening, the guest of Royal Ascot will have their celebrity guest speakers to entertain them during intervals. Those who leave their seats during the game, can keep an eye on it, via TV monitors that are present throughout the premises.
Believe it or not, Royal Ascot happens to be the center of the social calendar in Britain. The ladies day at Royal Ascot hosts a fashion show like none other. You will get to witness many designer master pieces and millinery creations.
All in all, the Horse racing experience that can be witnesses at the Village of Ascot or Royal Ascot is like none other, in all of Britain. The guests even have their own horse betting facilities. These facilities are designed to cater to people of the highest class, so expect every level of luxury even when betting at this location. If you are serious on betting on each race, click here to find out the horse racing betting odds at William Hill

The only way to be a part of this amazing crowd is to be proactive in the booking process. The earlier you book, the more relaxed you can be that your place at Royal Ascot has been secured.

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