Friday, May 29, 2015

Four best-dressed casino goers

Casinos and high-fashion go together like peas in a pod. People view casinos as places of glamour and opulence. You need only look at the ceiling of the lobby in the Bellagio for evidence. Hollywood executives love using casinos as a backdrop, as they allow for a combination of pulsating gambling action, glamorous dress, and the opportunity to produce a heist. That is something the bigwigs in Los Angeles are mad for. As a member of the audience, it can quite often be more enjoyable seeing the fashion on show rather than the actual movie development. Below are some of the most fashionable characters from casino-based movies. Eva Green - Casino Royale (2006)
Green bought a vamp-style to her character, and just oozed sex appeal as a result. The jet black hair and mascara was complemented beautifully by a socialist layering of blush while her soft tone of lipstick only further accentuated the darkness on show. Her entrance at the high stakes poker game was a real head turner. Her purple dress with a contrasting silver lining was spectacular, while the plunging neckline volumized her figure brilliantly. The jewelry was elegant, classy and understated, serving the purpose of adding to the outfit rather than overshadowing it.

The absolutely stunning Eva Green melted many a man’s heart with her sultry portrayal of Vesper Lynd in the hugely popular James Bond reboot. Lynd is tasked by the British Treasury to ensure that their investment, the $10 million buy-in, remains safe. This is made all the harder with Bond’s laidback approach to gambling. Her intrinsic chemistry with Daniel Craig’s Bond was stupendously good. You got the feeling that the two would either swing punches or rip each other’s clothes off at any given second.
Her vixen-look was right on the money, especially when she turns around to show everyone that it is a backless dress, making her look even more perfect and causing the other players to completely lose focus, leading many to wish that they had played online - that and the fact Le Chiffre’s weeping eye surely starts to grate them after a while. Here was an outfit and an overall look of the highest order. Anyone attempting to emulate this vamp look cannot go wrong. Whilst it is doubtful that you will be able to outshine Green, just looking half as good as she does in Casino Royale will still lead to you stealing the show. It wasn’t just the backless Roberto Cavalli that Green shone in. Most her pieces for the entire film were timeless. Her black Versace gown, which she matches with a boned bodice, fishtail skirt and a beaded black lace bolero made her like radiant. As were many of the other dresses she sports for the entirety of the film. Moreover, in the film, Lynd has a terrific eye for male fashion, mentally sizing Bond up and having a tux tailored to order. The two piece was both understated and timeless while it couldn’t have fit any better even if Craig wanted it to - but then what would you expect from Brioni?
Kate Bosworth – 21 (2008)Kate Bosworth looks world-class for the majority of this movie. Although playing a card-counting college student, she looks far better than that. As she has to change her image every time she enters the casino you get to see her wearing a variety of wigs. The short black-one is a particular favorite and a nice change from her trademark platinum blonde locks. The girl is smoldering. You have would have more luck hitting on a 19 than you would keeping up with her. Sharon Stone - Casino (1995) Following the huge success of Basic Instinct in 1992, Sharon Stone became widely regarded as one of the biggest sex symbols in Hollywood. She boosted that reputation with a smoking performance alongside Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in Casino. In this Martin Scorsese classic, she takes on the role of Ginger McKenna, a small-time hustler at the casino who eventually succumbs to the charm of De Niro’s Ace Rothstein character. With the film being based in 1973, Stone is dressed in all the retro garments you could imagine. When you are first introduced to her, she looks absolutely spectacular and in fitting with the time. Her long, blonde hair pulled back tightly shows off the best of her face while her short, sequined dress clings to her figure perfectly and really allows her legs, which, as the world already knew, were insane, to take center stage. Team the bedazzled dress with knee-high boots and you have one hell of a femme fatale. Moreover, much like with Green, the jewelry used was again just to compliment, not overpower. The fact that Stone managed to nail such a bold white - Scorsese likes nearly all of his leading ladies to enter his movies wearing white - is an achievement in itself. Throughout the film, Stone manages to play up to the loud, garish nature of Vegas. The city is over the top, she is over the top and her outfits are over the top. As the film progresses, the character of Ginger moves away from the more neutral colors, beginning to make louder noises with her outfits. The sequins still remain, with the black, sequined dress worn a little down the line being a case in point. Furs also play a big part in her daily get up with her chinchilla coat getting plenty of screen time while for a woman who has been treated to so much Bulgari jewelry - she has a bed full of it - the way her and Ace end things is a real smack in the mouth. Vintage retro is very much sexy, and Stone in the 1990s defined sexy. Together, the two make for a sublime mélange of natural beauty and pleasing manufactured aesthetics such as the boots. Steve McQueen - The Cincinnati Kid (1965) There are not many men who can boast the same brooding charisma that Steve McQueen had in an abundance. Alongside James Dean, the man redefined cool, changing the Hollywood heartthrob from the gentleman in the suit - Cary Grant, Gregory Peck etc. - to the bad apple in leather. But as is always the case with McQueen, it is his penchant for leather which made him such a fashion icon in the 1960s and 1970s. His oversized leather jacket worn while playing Stud in The Cincinnati Kid is something of real quality. Julia Roberts - Ocean’s 11 (2001) At the turn of the millennium, Julia Roberts was thought to be one of the most ravishing females in the world. You need only watch her sultry, smoking-hot performance in Ocean’s 11 for confirmation. She was reminiscent of the sex symbols of old. Her dress-wear is on point for the entirety of the movie, while the fact that she manages to outshine three of People’s Sexiest Man Alive winners - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon - just shows how exquisite both she and her outfits were in the casino heist caper.

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