Thursday, April 23, 2015

Should You Use Professional Models to Market Your Products?

If you're running a business in the fashion and beauty sector, whether it is a vintage boutique, a hair salon or a DIY clothing company, you may wonder whether it is better to use professional models in your marketing images or to use normal people – for example yourself, your friends and family, or your clients. Both have their merits and what the best choice is very much depends on your brand identity and the demographic you are trying to appeal to. Here, we take a look at some of the things you need to consider:

Would Using 'Real People' Represent What You Offer Better?

If you are offering something very specific, such as a facial treatment in your salon that can take years off a person's skin, then using real clients may have a bigger impact than using models. After all, if your product really does deliver great results, you can show this off much better by giving people a great 'before and after' picture of somebody you yourself have treated. Equally, if you are doing something like selling upcycled clothes you design and make yourself on Etsy, the whole DIY feel will come across more strongly if you can get some good shots of yourself, your friends, or the typical type of person you envisage buying your clothes wearing them.

Or Would Models Have a Stronger Impact?

The typical size and height of a fashion model is the way it is for a reason – while many people love petite women or think curves are more attractive than skinny frames, clothes tend to hang better on tall, thin women, and this is why they are chosen to model and sell clothes. If you want to show off your pieces at their best, then models are the way to do it. Also, if you want to create a kind of pictorial narrative like they do in fashion spreads, models are experienced in this and can achieve different moods and poses without looking unnatural and strange.

Only Professional Models Are Professional Models

If you are undecided, you may think you can get the best of both worlds by using someone you know who you think is 'pretty enough to be a model', but who isn't one. Of course, if you have a good looking person (or are one yourself) then they can look great in your photos, but don't try and achieve the same looks you would if you were working with a professional. Your attractive friend may well look silly in 'model' poses because she isn't used to doing them, and what you will end up with if you try and sell her as a professional model in your shots is the look of 'I hired a cheap, inexperienced model'. Make sure it is clear in the campaign or advert that the clothes are modelled by you or a friend, even if they have model good looks. If you would prefer a professional, then contact a company like Fashot who can help you cast and shoot them.
Professional models can deliver the best results when it comes to your images, but in some cases it is more advantageous to show how your products look or work on people just like your clients. Decide which you want to use, then make whichever direction you go in a strong point of your marketing.

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