Monday, February 9, 2015

Best and Worst Dressed Grammys Award 2015

Taylor Swift - HATE her but damns she looked good
Haim - Middle, Right, know what He is referring too...but these were the only real FASHION outfits of the night

Rihanna - Barbie Doll Fail...You are Rihanna you don't need to wear something like this for attention
Miley Cyrus - Way too man cut outs in all the wrong spots...Stop talking like a man.
Ariana Grande -  She must've shopped at the same crappy club outfit store as Miley.

Madonna - you are a mom for gods sake...act like it...blah blah everyone pretend like shes a god for what she did 20 years ago...
Kim Kardashian - a robe? you are legit the worst
Charli XCX -  you say you like taking fashion risks...this wasn't a sick, everyone knew going in you were going to look like an was a guarantee not a risk

Katy Perry - LIAR! F*cking wigs!! All along she has us thinking she dyed her hair and was a cool chick, but it was all just a scam. She probably never even kissed a girl!

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