Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Charm your beloved with estate engagement ring

Engagement ring is undoubtedly the most prized possession for all of us as it is a symbol of lifetime promise of love, togetherness, commitment and marriage.  Though no matter whatever type of ring it is, it will always be special for your loved one. Still if you wish to make it even more special and charm your beloved one then nothing can beat the aura of an estate or an antique engagement ring.  These estate pieces are timeless beauty that will make your better half look even more beautiful.  If you are among one of those who do not get inspired with present day designs and trends and looking for something unique and rare, these antique pieces are definitely the perfect pick for you.
If you have decided to surprise your loved one with one of these estate or antique pieces, the major issue is to find a unique and an original piece as they are not easily and openly available in the market and are expensive as well. One can get some good pieces at reputed dealers, auction houses or online sites like EraGem.
Below given are some tips for all those who wish to get an estate engagement ring for their loved one:
Set up a budget:
The very first thing that needs to be considered while planning to buy an estate piece is to set a budget. Since these are rare and unique pieces they are very expensive, so you must first know your limits else you would not be able to place your hand on any one. Depending upon the size, quality, type, era it belongs to and other factors, the cost of ring can vary greatly.  Also have an idea about the type of design you wish to have. For this you can check the websites as well as catalogues of the dealers.
Look out for a seller:
Once decided upon the price and type of ring, the next major task is of finding a seller who has original and authentic pieces. You can take reference from your friends who also keep interest in antique jewelry or search for dealers who have good ratings. Do thorough investigation of the seller before purchasing.
Look out for original pieces
While buying an estate engagement ring make sure that you are picking up an original piece. Since these jewelry pieces are one of its types, a copy of it will not be available. To have the charm of antique, make sure that ring is original in all its parts. Some people may get an antique stone and pair them in new settings, though this may look interesting but will surely not have the charm like a complete estate or antique piece.
Check the condition of the ring:
Since estate rings are old and some may even date back to 50 or 100 years they would surely not look like the new ones. But then that is the charm or an antique piece. Since these rings come with exorbitant price tag, make sure to check their durability and condition. You can even take help of some specialist in this concern. The ring should look appealing and should be in wearable condition.
Get the authentication document from the seller:
Once you have decided upon the piece and the seller, make sure to get the certificate of authentication. A reputed dealer, website or an auction house will provide you with all the documents so that you know you are buying a legitimate ring.
So take help from the above given tips and get an awesome looking estate engagement ring that will not only speak about your taste but will also symbolize your timeless love.

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