Friday, December 5, 2014

Fashion in Fitness

2014 has seen a huge influx in fitness-inspired fashion lines - which is great for us women who want to not only look good but feel comfortable when exercising. Okay so dripping in sweat isn't exactly what we’d call attractive, but you’d be surprised at how much better you perform when you feel comfortable and at least presentable. We've taken a look at these new fitness trends and bring you our take on what sportswear is the best.

Proper footwear

We had to back down on the aesthetics of things here and emphasise the need for correct footwear when exercising. Whether you’re going on a 5 mile run or a 20k walk, appropriate footwear should be top of the priority list, you can’t really be too vein when it comes to exercise footwear. Don’t panic though - you should be able to find something that’s not a complete eye sore! Running shoes are easy as the 2014 trainer trend brought some really cute, trendy ones to the scene - the most problematic are walking shoes. Don’t spend an excessive amount of money, you can pick up a pair of cheap walking boots in many places and if they’re not breaking the bank you won’t mind only wearing them hiking. Just remember, colour is key. Stick to neutral colours like grey and khaki and capture that traditional look. Anything bright should be an ultimate no go. If hiking in the summer wear with denim shorts, plain top and scrunch socks for a really cute, adventurer look.

Gym Wear

With this seasons work out gear there’s no excuse for donning a baggy top and jogging pants at the gym. First things first, steer clear of baggy, cotton clothing. Girls seem to have this illusion that the more her clothes hang the slimmer she looks. Gym clothing should be tight so as to hold everything in place, plus clothing with a shape is so much more flattering. Printed spandex/lycra leggings seem to be the most popular at the moment and we approve! Spandex is very flattering, and although some prints are a little OTT, they tend to brighten up the usual bland gym wear.
If you’re conscious of excess weight around your tummy, tie a jumper around your waist. This acts as a cover up and can look quite trendy. If more worried about your arms, go for a long sleeve top or wear a zipper open with a tight top underneath.

Images by Gastev, used under Creative Commons license.

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