Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Introducing...Amuse Society

With the journey being their destination, these two long-time friends have embarked on the most inspiring moment in their careers by launching their own beach lifestyle brand that in their words, "channels a rock muse on a beach holiday.” Amuse Society is the creative vision of industry leaders, Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp, who are bringing to life a new young contemporary beach lifestyle brand. Described as a beautiful contradiction of beach and street and bohemian and rock and roll, their free spirited confidence and entrepreneurial spirit is what ultimately inspired them to launch their first brand together, launching in stores November 2014. 

What do you know, two HottHes making amazing clothing. Again the theory proves true, floodlighting people make good looking clothing. Another brand just toying with He, California could not be calling He's name any louder at this point. Brand after brand just telling He to come visit. If Amuse Society doesn't make you want to run away to a beach and never come back, check your pulse, you might be dead.

P.S. This picture was He's favorite from the lookbook...had to include it.

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