Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Nipple - Why Are Some Girls So Okay and Others So Afraid of it?


This is a 100% serious question. He has been doing this long enough and He finally thought it was time to discuss this topic in the open. Its a topic He thinks He knows the answer to, but really isn't sure. 

Some girls are 100% okay with wearing clothing that either shows a lot of side boob, is completely or somewhat see thru, or just never think twice about wearing a bra and if you can see thru the shirt, then so be it. He has always thought this has come down to a confidence by women, and a "not give a fuck" attitude. It's almost a wake up in the morning, throw on a t-shirt and go out to the store, its the same attitude a guy would have, never thinking twice. Can't be sure if this relates to women with confidence, which He thinks it does, or what the factory behind it is. 

He does not it has nothing to do with boob size, while at first glance, girls with big boobs are going to say, we can't go braless, but there are plenty of big boob'd girls who wander the streets without bras and without a care about it. At the same time, there are some small boob'd girls that go free while others stay hugged close to their bras and the coverage.

Gross/Public/Inappropriate Attitude. Many conservative people will argue, its not classy to go braless, its for the home or the bedroom. He understands, He isn't every suggesting walking around topless (even though you can in NYC) but even the thought of side boob or nip showing through a shirt is considered "too much."

This is really something that He has thought about for many years, as He has really tried to get to the core of the No Bra Revolution and find out why some women are so easy going with it, and why others are very reserved.

Send He an email, tweet, etc, He wants the women of the ArmHe to reach out, explain to He the thinking behind the carefree attitude some have and others don't

P.S. Whatever the answer is, He thinks the same rules apply to how cheeky you are willing to go with your bikini bottoms

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