Tuesday, October 28, 2014

He Has Asolutely NO Idea What To Make of this Brand...

The brand was created to make fashion that we would use, loved to wear and couldn’t find anywhere else. We chose only the best worn-to-hole softest sexiest fabrics, and we only make designs that enhance and reveal the human body in its most natural and sexy way. We have a long background in fashion, modeling, fashion, graphic design, art and media. We celebrate the human body and we don’t give a shit about trends, we create what we want to wear and share. Everything is custom made for each client of the finest fabrics, and best quality money can buy. Nothing but the ultimate luxury for the hedonists around the world. 

Honestly, no clue in the world how He stumbled across this brand, Maison De Castielle. Really don't even know where to start. He gets that the model is the founder, so obviously using her as the model in most scenarios make sense, but for 75% of this clothing, who in their right mind is going to wear it? Even the trashy girls in Vegas don't get this wack'd out, there are limits and lines.

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