Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why NYFW is the Most Self-Centered Event of the Year...

Welcome to 2014 NYFW, once again bringing you the Most Self-Centered Event of the Year. NYFW isn’t about fashion, the shows, the designers or the models. For hundreds, if not more people it’s about getting their 10 min of fame and attention. He cannot begin to tell you how many girls go to Lincoln Center just to have their picture taken. A few big circle walks, a few hundred photographer later and its back into the cab to go home. Whether these people do so for blog exposure or just because they like the attention they get from photographers, its pure absurdity. NYFW is absolutely a circus. People don’t pick outfits based on style, they pick outfits based upon what is going to give them the best chance to get photographed and into a magazine or on a website. 

Yes, Fashion by He is one of the photographers that keeps this terrible cycle going, but He does it all while laughing, pointing fingers and realizing how absolutely absurd the events of NYFW are. So come out this weekend, dress like a clown, give the photographers your best pose, walk in a few big circles around the fountain, get your picture taken, feel "good" about yourself, tell your friends about how awesome NYFW was, and just hope you don't end up on Fashion by He getting laughed at.

And since the self-centered people of the world are in the masses, here are some  
 Tips for Getting Famous at NYFW:

1) Dress for the cameras not for fashion. No one cares what the fall fashion is, wear something that will grab attention and make the photogs come running.
2) Be on your phone constantly. Text, pretend to text, pretend to talk to your mom. But always seem busy
3) Smoke - if you smoke, these make for great pics, so make sure you take your time when you exhale and let multiple photographers run over and grab these shots
4) Bring a fashion friend - don't look like an idiot standing alone
5) Pretend like you have a show to attend and in you are in a big hurry. The harder you make it for people to take your picture, the more they will want to take it
6) Don't Smile...obviously everyone at NYFW is miserable, so pretend to be too. no one smiles...ever!
7) Lastly, Don't forget to ask the photographers who they are shooting for so you can check to see if you are famous!

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