Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Joah Brown - A Brand You Need to Know and Will Know

Joah Brown alters the rules of fashion, by moving away from restrictive, high priced apparel, offering a comfortable, cost-conscious solution. Flattering for any figure, our high-quality fabrics, imported from Spain & Austria, delicately drape over all body types, creating an effortless, chic look. 
Our innovative, forward-thinking designs, will become the foundation for your day to day wardrobe decisions. From yoga, to the beach, to cocktail hour, Joah Brown Clothing seamlessly adapts to all occasions. We have a strong understanding of what looks good, what feels right, and what allows you to project your best possible self.

Found this company from, well, you might recognize one of the people in the pictures as Lindsay, HottHe of the Week. Well besides having super hot chicks model the clothing, this absolutely looks like the most comfortable stuff on earth. Joah Brown is sexy, yea it might be simple t-shirts, hoodies an tanks, but its still f*cking sexy as hell. He would take a girl who can make this look good any day of the week over some fancy fashion crap.

He's Favorites from the collection:

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