Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Huge Collection of Pictures & Highlights from Nolcha Fashion Week...

 this dogs owner needs a life
 A model who wanted to also get her picture taken...double nip ring...big fan
 Whats worse the hair or the shirt?
 Great Pose
 The girl with the scorpion tattoo
 Not all photographers are as goodlooking as He


 Black underwear on a model down the runway? where in the world is the stylist?
 Great pants!
 Model waiting in the wings
 Here Kitty Kat
 That is one hell of a stache
Prob one of the top three best dressed the entire night...just a badass cool outfit, top to bottom
 Headlight HottHe
Try harder bro...oh can't
 Boobs to start the night
 then more boobs...great boobs actually
 then this dude showed up
 Back to chicks, hot dress and some body jewelry
 Adam and Eve styled dress...with more boobs
 Designer came out in a super sexy dress, looked amazing on her...and fucking insanely hot heels. He has said it a million times, hot designers make hot clothing

 What a Gem!
 Model walking
Then He got Artichoke Pizza because its fucking amazing

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