Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Secret Ways to Avoid a Bad Hair Day

If you’ve ever woken up with a head of hair that looks as if you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards, you’ll know that sorting it out in a hurry is nigh on impossible. 

As you stare into the mirror with mouth gaping, it can seem like the head gawping back at you has been transplanted from a Muppets cast member. 

Rather than attempt to sort it, you begrudgingly put your hair up, wash your face and get on grumpily with the rest of your day. 

Admittedly, a bad hair day can be enough to put you in a foul mood, with loved ones and colleagues likely to feel your wrath if you dare to breathe in their direction.
However, you’re not the only one ...

Research claims the average British chick will spend the equivalent of 26 years suffering from nightmarish hair, with many bothered by unruly locks at least three days a week.
But there IS a solution. 

Take Advantage of Natural Shampoo

Rather than damaging your hair with regular shampoos full of nasty chemicals, recognise the benefits of a natural shampoo, designed to give your barnet a much needed boost. 

For best results, companies such as Wen Hair Care offer shampoos to restore you hair’s natural oil, which gives you the bonus of fresh and easily manageable locks – whatever the time of day! 

Fine-Tune Your Diet 

Aside from being bad for the rest of your body, a diet high in saturated fats can contribute to a less than healthy sheen on your hair. 

To avoid having a head like a chip pan, be sure to chow down on a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and plenty of pulses if you want to keep your mane in tip top condition all year round. 

Try the Misting Technique

If your mirror confronts you with a head of hair that looks like it belongs on an ageing 1970’s rocker, it’s time to step away from the hair product and take a really good look at yourself. 

To move away from the Status Quo look, fill up a spray bottle with lukewarm water, mist your roots, give your head a good shake, flip your hair up and then attempt to style it. Thanks us later! 

Stop Blow Drying Your Hair 

When you’re in a rush, it’s almost inevitable you’ll use the hair dryer to blast your locks – but are you aware the heat from your blow dryer can leave your hair more scorched than toast in hell?

However, if life without a hair dryer seems unimaginable, try to dry your hair with a towel in the first instance, which will reduce the time spent under the indiscriminating heat of your dryer.

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