Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Best and Worst Dressed from the Emmys 2014...


Heidi Klum - Don't care how old she is, don't care she used to date Seal, this woman is absolutely gorgeous, never ever looks bad, and tonight she absolutely killed it. Best looking person by far. Everyone wearing red, and Heidi finds a way to out dress them all.

Sarah Hyland:

Lauren Paul: 
Natalie Dormer: Great hair...

Gwen Stefani: How are her boobs as perky as they were? Isn't she like 45? Usually not into this much shine, but it works for her

Honorable Mention: Kristen Wig, Lizzzy Caplan, Taylor Schilling.

Pregnant and Good:
Hayden Panettiere: Hot Momma

Lena Dunham: "I always have a bad hair style as Hannah." Well Lena He hates to be the first one to tell you this, but Lena just like Hannah always has bad hair styles too! Try harder to look terrible...you can't.
Sara Silverman: Trying to get some attention with her boobs, sorta working. Really not a big fan of her.

Allison Williams: Sorry, sorry sorry, Allison, He is still a big fan, would take you out in a heart beat, but He is also not a huge fan of the top half of that dress. Actually not a fan of any part of this dress..fuck...this sucks...

Katherine Heigl: Ughhh that outfit gave He the chills...

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