Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HottHe of the Week...Amanda

Meet Amanda, half Canadian half in NYC. Kinda sad He hasn't ran into Amanda yet, with style like this He would be dying to get that picture. Really like when bloggers take their pictures to a new level, instead of just standing there and posing every time, they turn it into more of an editorial feature. Keeps the blog more interesting. Amanda you are the HottHe of the Week.

How would you describe your style? My personal style definitely depends on my surroundings. I tend to be a chameleon moulding to the feel of the city and mood of the venue. If I’m in New York I tend to gravitate towards very minimal. Something infused with grunge, lots of black & white. However, when I’m in Toronto the city moves me towards anything colourful. And not so serious.
I’m currently sitting at my desk, wearing a bright orange top with a matching lip…You guessed it…I’m in Toronto!

Who is your Style Icon? My style Icon is Anna Dello Russo. I admire that she is fearless with her look. No matter how “over the top” her choice of outfit is, she never lets it “wear” her. She could put a10ft bird on her head, and once she’s out the door she forgets its there and becomes the look, I love that!

Favorite item you own? Hands down, my Chanel Espadrailles. For two reasons. Firstly they are Chanel and secondly, I bought them on a recent trip to Hawaii. No “been there done that t-shirt” for me. I love wearing them and think of my amazing trip every time I do!

Who are your Favorite Designers? McQueen, without a doubt. What a tragic loss to the industry. I’m really into british designers, Nicholas Kirkwood makes amazing shoes and Vivienne Westwood is fabulous!

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