Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No Trend Bothers He More than the Birkenstocks Trend

who cares those are fake Birks, they are still ugly
Totally understand the fact that a trend is a trend, and people fall in line, and buy up whatever item is popular from one season to another. But there is just something about this Birkenstocks that screams "Trying to be Cool" sooooo bad. Anyone wearing Birkenstocks wants to be cool, not sure there is any other way to look at it. He doesn't want to hear this fashion bulsh*t, because that is exactly what it is bulsh*t. Its just like UGGS, except UGGS were comfortable, these don't look cool, you just want to be cool because you saw some blogger wearing them. Get a life, not some bloggers life and realize that Birkenstocks are a f*cking waste.

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  1. I don't get these Birkenstocks sandals either, He. I can understand the comfort, maybe; but this is comfort at the expense of style. Such Birkenstocks and any would-be knockoffs just aren't cool at all.


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