Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fashion by She: Thank You...Arnhem Clothing

"This bohemian spirit flows into every piece of Arnhem Clothing. Her range is characterized by distinctive, custom signature prints of vintage-inspired floral, tribal and earthy designs, heavily influenced by the wilderness and beauty of her home in Byron Bay." 

A shopping addiction has always been an issue for She, but when She comes across a brand like Arnhem, this issue turns into a full on monster. Though She's style tends to be a little more on the business casual side, there's something so charming about the products Arnhem offers. This "freeing" vibe the line has is impossible to ignore, and it makes you feel like Coachella fashion never dies. So, for those of you who have a little hippy- gypy tendency, or for the ladies, who like She, need to get out of the tailored pants and collared tops, Arnhem is def a great option. Awesome combination of knitwear and leather, some sexy see- through pieces (We all know He loves those...) and real cute printed kimonos. Don't go on their website unless you're ready to spend a few hours online shopping... You have been warned.

He's EDITORS NOTE: Hippie is Hot. Same reason why He is in love with Planet Blue and all those other type trends. Carefree lifestyle with carefree clothing makes for a sexy chick.

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