Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fashion by She: All Metal Everything- Britt by Britt Review

It has been quite some time since She has come across any jewelery lines worth noting... From fast fashion jewels to She's undying love for Tiffany's, it's been a pretty slow season. Luckily, Britt by Britt has some strong jewelery game that brought back She's faith in jewelery designers!

This Brooklyn based line offers handmade pieces by the designer herself!
The statement necklaces are killer, the chokers are sick and the hand harnesses are super hot; but it only gets better- Britt by Britt sells bras too! Though she is all for the No Bra Revolution, these pieces are worth the exception.

Yes, if you have never seen anything like this before, it might take some adjustment and getting used to, but these are second to none in our market. She's ideal outfit incorporating the bras would be a simple black blazer on top and either dark skinnies/ baggy drop crotch pants (depending on the look you're going for). Might be a little out there, but hey, make your own rules...

- She

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