Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cat Wright's Guide to Body Chains...

Okay, so by this point into bikini season (I’m sorry, but we are well underway here on the west coast) we’ve seen the countless blog posts and Victoria’s Secret catalogs showing you every way to wear a body chain with swimwear but it’s important to remember that there are other occasions to wear the body chain other than the beach or pool party. In all honestly, despite adding a little flare to your revealing swimwear, it’s actually not at all practical if you plan on doing any ocean side activity like beach volleyball or surfing. While the body chain gets the reputation for being nothing more than the bikini’s one-night stand, there are even better ways to make use of the accessory on the reg.

Do’s and Don’ts for the Lover of Body Jewelry:

-Wear with crop tops: A little peek-a-boo under a shorter top is the right place for a body chain. It’s a subtle way to use the accessory and the perfect gateway drug into it.
-Layer it up: I love the look of several body chains but if you are moving around a lot you might opt for one that has two layers to avoid tangling.
-Wear with a sheer top: Obvious reasons.
-Pay attention to the weight of the jewelry: Heavier chains look better with heavier fabrics while more dainty chains work well with sheers, cottons and those bikinis He loves so much.
-Pair it with an uber low cut top: This is a good way to show off the bling if you aren’t comfortable baring the midriff, it will give the illusion of a necklace.

-Forget where you are going: Body chains are almost never okay for an office job or the gym, I am sorry but if you aren’t moving around more than that in a workout you might as well be at home on the couch watching Real Housewives and eating leftover Mickey D’s.
-Be afraid to be discreet: Body jewelry doesn’t have to be a statement piece, it works just fine as a supporting player to the overall look.
-Wear on top of clothes: Because, ew.
-Choose something too gaudy: Too much of a good thing baby.
-Break it: Be mindful that you are wearing jewelry that hangs down to your hips if it’s a longer piece, there is nothing more embarrassing than doing the most and watching it backfire. If you do break it, it’s all about the recovery.

Cat Wright is a big time stylist in LA, HottHe of the Week, beautiful gorgeous, real cool chick and she happens to know what she is talking about when it comes to styling. When you are all done taking her tips, check out her blog or follow on twitter @catwrightstyle

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