Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fashion by She: Trend Recap

It's no secret the real fashion happens off the runway, and that is why She put together a quick and fun lists of casual trends you're gonna rock this season...

Body Chains Under Your Top: Yes, they have been around last bikini season too, but this time there's a twist: pair them with a crop top and you just transformed your look completely. They will show around your neck and around your hips, adding that sexy touch to an otherwise plain outfit.

Big Sweaters and Girly Skirts: This is actually a fun translation of some runway looks- designers have been pairing their evening- wear skirts with casual knits. So, pick out a fun, full- skirt and throw a baggy sweater on top of it (maybe tuck some of it in) to create a great go- to outfit.
Matching Crop Top and Middy Skirt: This one is a new way to dress up without looking too business like. This almost suit- like look enables you to reveal some skin, while still looking classy. (Note She on the right).
- She

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