Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fashion by She: Gooseberry Intimates Review

Our collection offers a return to authentic femininity linked to intimate with a subtle elegance... our models expressed the duality of women today, who prefer elegance and comfort.

One of the first things about Gooseberry Intimates that caught She's attention was actually their description: A French brand made in Bali. The unique combination of ethnicities and cultures immediately sparked She's interest.The line is composed of feminine and sensual items with amazing attention to detail. Absolutely love the fact they offer a variety of full body pieces, they're a lot harder to find in today's market and they're HOT. She also liked how they played with the textiles in a way that really compliments each fabric. The best part- the price point is great! She thinks a lot of lingerie brands are way overpriced, and expected for Gooseberry's prices to be insanely high. They're not cheap by any means, but you're definitely getting a lot for your money.
She's fav look:
He's EDITORS NOTE: Gooseberry Intimates is an insanely sexy line of lingerie while still being extremely classy. Found them on instagram where they are taking over, tons of hot pieces, great collection!

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