Thursday, March 20, 2014

He vs She: Fashion Trends Women Love and Men Love to Hate

Welcome back to the next edition of He versus She. Don't be fooled by the fakes out there, this is the only REAL He vs She debate that actually matters. Got a topic for He and She to debate, send it on over...but as we all know He is always right...

Stiletto Nails 
She: Pointy claws are now filling up the nails salons and She is loving it. They definitely make a statement and if you pick the right color, they can look classy. Once you get used to typing and texting with those on, you are golden.

He: To be completely honest, He had to google what the hell this even was. Nails are for chicks, no guy cares about what girls do with their nails, we only say they look nice because we know you like hearing it. In all honesty, we could care less about your nails. Just don't have them look gross.

Pointed Toe Shoes 
She: Up until about a year ago, She wouldn't even consider these as an option. After trying them on once, She fell in love. They make your feet look narrower, hence more feminine. Not sure what it is, but there's something about pointed toe shoes that says "powerful woman walking". Whoever says otherwise should probably check out She's newest loubies...

He: Unless you are a witch, don't wear pointed toe shoes, they look awkward and weird. What's wrong with a normal heel?

Old- School Hats
She: Bucket hats are back! Although they don't suit everyone, they are such a cute accessory! Your average outfit just got a feminine, fragile touch. She likes to wear a lace A- line dress and add a bucket hat to it. Even dark pants with a girly top would work. Hats are so easy to play around with, and the best part- they conceal the worst hair days!

He: No way any girl looks anywhere close to attractive in one of these hats. There is a reason they went out of style, lets keep them in the history books.

Hair Extensions
She: It's already been established She is a HUGE fan of short hair (bobs are so in and are extremely easy to take care of), but every once in a while we all have a moment when we just want that long beach- wave look. Some outfits simply look better with long hair. As long as you find the right ones to match your hair and know how to take care of them properly, hair extensions are just another way to change up your look. If you're around your boy, just make sure to take them out... No one wants to wake up next to a little chunk of hair on their pillow.

He:  He was out a few weeks ago with a fellow blogger, this girl has great hair, He has written about it before, but as the conversation went on, the drinks went down, the truth came out! Extensions, girls will do just about anything to trick a guy, it might not be on purpose, but these days you can't trust a girls looks for anything. The blogger in the story, happens to have great hair regardless, so she's not selling herself short, but He is sure there are millions of girls out there, tricky guys into thinking they have great hair, only to find out it was a lie.

Fake Eye Lashes
She: Even though She doesn't wear them frequently, it's nice to pull out the fake lashes every once in a while for a night out with the girls. She doesn't think they make a huge difference, but they definitely enhance your make- up and make your eyes pop out. Use the right glue and apply them as close to the lash line as possible and you'll be fine. Just please don't be that girl whose eyelashes are coming off by the end of the night.... not a good look, ladies.

He: Again, not one of those things He ever thinks about, guess if they look good, then He is okay with them, but this picture doesn't look so good, too long of an eyelash and its getting kind freaky.

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