Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fashion by She: Up and Coming Trend Alert: Wide Leg Pants

She hasn't been here in a while, and man does it ever feel great to be back. Trend forecasting has always been She's guilty pleasure, and it's time to expose you to this new fetish- Wide Leg Pants.

Skinny jeans are very gradually leaving the market, while the wide leg and even bell- bottoms are slowly taking their place.  (Don't get She wrong, skinnies will be in for a while, just predicting a slow transition).
The fit will probably take some getting used to, but once you've developed a love for the look, it'll be easy to style. Think fun sweaters, crop tops, cropped cardigans...
It may be a bit early to think about your fall wardrobe, but definitely keep the wide legs in mind, they look great with long trench coats (aka another hot up- and- coming trend) and will be taking over soon!

Send us pictures of your fav wide leg looks :)


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