Friday, February 7, 2014

Once Again it's New York Fashion Week...He Vents!

Listen He wasn't involved in fashion or fashion week in the good old days before blogging and fw fame were real things. But He does know this, there is no way fashion week was always this way. In this day in age, the world sees and cares less about the actual fashion that goes on inside at the shows then they do about the fashion outside.

Understanding what Fashion Week has become without actually attending or standing outside Lincoln Center is hard. You honestly need to be there, stand there for an hour to actually fully get the idea and the absurdity that NYFW has become.

There are sooo many people that go to Lincoln Center every day dressed up SOLELY to have their picture taken. FACT. These people are there no for the actual fashion week, the fashion, or the shows, but just to get their picture hopefully on a fashion website or magazine. These people are fame seeking whores. There are many of them.

People who go to Lincoln Center for the shows or to have their picture taken are all in a non spoken competition with each other. This is a competition, not for the best dress, but for the most outrageous. See wearing normal clothing to NYFW isn't going to get your picture taken a million times. People are more and more wearing more insane outfits just to draw attention to themselves, its scary that this is what the fashion world has come to.

As a Fashion Photographer, He take partial blame, going up to FW to take pictures only keeps the girls going, and continues the terrible process that has been created. He takes some joy in the fact that at least half the people He takes pictures of He calls out for their outfits. The other half are perhaps somewhat well dressed that He doesn't mind posting their outfits. He also openly stated that He cares little about the fashion inside the tents, which is why He never really puts in any effort to cover the shows.

This was a long rant, probably filled with run on sentences and bad grammar, but hopefully you have taken something away from it all. Fashion Week is not what you see in the pictures in the online magazines, its more of a circus than the pictures let on. You'll have to take He's word for it, unless you decide to come join in on the fun!

See ya out there

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