Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mott & Bow - Quality Jeans at Great prices

Every man likes a good pair of jeans. Should they cost around $200? Nope! Why do they? Because the few companies that truly understand denim were conceived before ecommerce was widely adopted. These old brands go through multiple sales layers for their product to reach the final consumer (resulting in the consumer massively overpaying for the product). And no, they can’t offer a fair price at their own ecommerce sites because they would be undercutting the rest of their sales channels.

Using the finest denim fabrics from the best mills in the world and applying the manually intensive artistic processes in the laundry we transform the denim and make it look effortless. Our philosophy for design is simplicity. With a 32-year denim heritage, our experience is second to none, and we’ve decided to start Mott & Bow to bring premium jeans directly to customers at $96. 

Quality jeans are a reasonable price point, what guy wouldn't love Mott & Bow If He can get the same $200 jeans He usually wastes money on for under $100, sign He up all day every day. A guy can never have enough good pairs of jeans, there is always room for a new favorite pair, and this could be it.

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