Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fifty Over Five an Army Twist on Artwork...

Fifty Over Five is a Los Angeles based company introducing unisex one-of-a-kind jackets that are hand picked from vintage World War collectors. Each of Fifty Over Five’s jackets vary in style, color, and wear and are washed and finished in Los Angeles. The unique jackets come with an 8’’ by 10” stitched patch on the back featuring exclusive art by one of the talented artists. Through various collaborations, Fifty Over Five supports talented artists from around the world. Fifty Over Five aims to create their garments in the most ethical way possible using multiple existing resources to the fullest advantage. The products we created by Fifty Over Five impact the customer not the home by using partial vintage reformed garments and cut and sew techniques. The clothes reflect a breathtaking silence and should be worn by brave individuals.

If you like artwork sewn onto the back of your military jacket well then Fifty Over Five is the brand for you.

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