Monday, February 24, 2014

An Open Letter to Lingerie Fashion Week...

This is an open letter to the creators and operators of Lingerie Fashion Week...He always appreciates the invitation, but He also thinks that this event could be taken up about 1000% and be made into an unbelievable weekend of fashion. Now this is probably going to get He a life time ban from the event, but there is no ill will with this letter at all, this couldn't be done in a nicer more constructive way, there is so much potential with this event, He wants to help be apart of it when it turns into greatness.

Here we go...

1) Brands - LFW has to go out and find the newest, hottest, and most up and coming brands and get them to sign on to show at LFW (He is offering to help find/solicit these brands). Noe Undergarments showed in 2013 and since then has exploded in popularity. LFW has to find a way to keep these brands as a part of LFW even after they have out grown the event. There are so many sexy, hot, and unknown lingerie companies in this world, country, that LFW needs to go out and find the best of the best that have yet to be discovered. Some of the current presenters are not showing that quality of product that will bring in top level people, creativity, and excitement that this event and lingerie should have.

2) Models - He complete understands that budget is probably a reason why many of the models are selected. Better looking, quality models cost more, lower known brands can't afford these higher end models. LFW must start bringing in better looking quality models, for the sake of the show and the brands they work with. Goodlooking models make clothing look better, plain and simple, its the reason the fashion world and modeling worlds exist. Let's be honest, more so with lingerie than any other fashion wear, people need to want to f*ck the models because the lingerie looks so good, that unfortunately happens rarely with the current model groups. If LFW uses lesser quality models, it brings down the quality of the look of the lingerie. In an Instagram filled world, there is NO excuse for having sub par models. A simple request for models on instagram could pack a room with gorgeous girls, perhaps not all will have the required levels of modeling experience but for presentations and just having to stand there and look good, there is more then enough talent out there.

3) Invitees - Take a note from Nolcha Fashion Week, an "off broadway" fashion show that hosts up and coming designers. Don't want to fully judge a book by its cover, but many people in the front row looked like Mom's, I'm sure you can imagine what that means. What what should be a high profile event, these are not the type of people one would expect front row center. Nolcha works hard to bring in talent, celebrities and attention to their shows. LFW needs to find a way to connect with celebrities, socialites, bloggers etc to bring in the PR that this event and the designers deserve. 

4) Accessories - Lingerie is sexy, but accessories can add to that look. Chromat just had a huge fashion show, which LFW should have tried to secure, and it featured the looks of Bond Hardware. Bond Hardware took the amazing looks of Chromat to an entirely new level. LFW lacked in accessory brands that could have helped elevate the look of the lingerie. Lingerie enhances the look, it won't take away from it.

5)Pasties/Bras - Completely understand that Shibue was a sponsor, but pasties at a lingerie event take away from the lingerie, they are extremely distracting and not part of the design of the lingerie. Heart shaped pasties were not part of the designers look for this lingerie item, however due to sponsorship model is wearing heart shaped pasties which clearly take away from the look of this outfit. The sponsor Shibue is not to blame here, its a good product and they paid for sponsorship. LFW needs to do a better job of representing the brands presenting and not interfere with their designs for sponsorship money. Bras under white tank looked absolutely amateur.

Obviously these are just 5 notes that could help elevate the event. Tried to keep this as constructive as possible, because He really does love Lingerie Fashion Week, its an awesome idea and a great event.

Take He's advice or not, call He for help, or ignore it all together, but with He's ideas Lingerie Fashion Week could become the hottest ticket in town. Hopefully this isn't taken as a mean spirited letter, just open constructive criticism that would turn this event into one of the hottest shows in NYC.

Check out some videos after the break...

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