Friday, January 24, 2014

Hottest Trend You've Never Heard of... "The Butt Grab" Pose

You want earth shattering news. The Butt Grab Pose is the single greatest and hottest post of the internet that no one is talking about. He 100% made up the name for the pose but since no one else has claimed it, the King of Fashion strikes again. Had to do a long and hard search up and down the Cheeky Bottom Tumblr to make this post happen.

The Science behind "The Butt Grab" Pose is simple, you want to make the bottom butt check lines more visible, give a little lift, which in turn makes your ass look perkier, nicer, and more enjoyable to all viewers. Cheeky Bottom bikinis required.

F*ck the Bikini Bridge, The Butt Grab Pose is He's favorite.

 The Classic

 The Man Hands
The Double Whammy
The One Hander
The Cinch Up
The Double Fister
The Helping Hand
The Pull and Lift
The Big Booty Squeeze
The Two Finger
The Cupper

More pictures after the break...



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