Monday, January 13, 2014

Fashion by She: She's Winter 2014 Outfits

Christmas shopping is just another excuse to come up with new outfit ideas, here are some of She's looks over the holidays:

 A combination of a beaded skirt and a plain sweater created She's perfect wintery look. The balance of the big sweater and the short skirt clearly follows She's Rule of 1, and proves that innocent and festive can be sexy.

This look is a little outrageous, but that's exactly why she likes it so much. Winter 2014 is your perfect opportunity to go a little crazy with fur... And it looks fab with the snow in the background.

She LOVES this jacket. Spring/ Summer 2014 will be full of patterns and fun colours. You'll see a lot of purples and greens and obvs a lot of florals. The pattern on She's jacket, specifically, is all over everyone's new collections. A tailored, fitted jacket is a staple this season and She's already on board. 

No easier outfit than an LBD and a big fur vest. Can you tell She has a few fur items in her closet?

Does She really have to explain why this look is hot...?

- She

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