Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fashion by She: Holiday Must Have List

Finals are finally done and everyone is getting ready for some time off. She thinks it's the perfect opportunity to make a quick check list for you all, to make sure your wardrobes aren't lacking this holiday season!

Beanie: Both boys and girls look hot in beanies. Fact. Make your boytoy get one too.

Plaid: She couldn't get enough... It started with the wrapped around the waist shirt and little skirts, and has taken over every item possible. She is currently loving the red and black color scheme... Super old school and adorable.

Good nail color: burgundy is such a holiday color! We all need a mani every once in a while and She couldn't ask for anything better than long burgundy claws.

Middy rings: don't pretend like you haven't seen them all over Pinterest.. She's been rocking the look for a while and it really reached a point where you MUST own a few. They're really cute, and add a nice touch to casual looks.

Boyfriend jeans: back to the ankle cleavage theory... Boyfriend jeans can be styled in so many ways! Go for a feminine look with a tight cropped top, or a grungy look with a baggy button down, almost- sorta tucked in. Oh and don't leave the house without heels.

Boy shorts: especially if you're going for the boyfriend jeans look with a cropped top, make sure to wear low rise jeans
that could show off the top elastic of your boy shorts... Don't believe She? Here's your proof: SUCH a hot look.

Kick ass graphic tee/ muscle tee: they look awesome tucked into a casual skirt, over leggings, skinnies and even boyfriend jeans. Pair them with your new beanie and you look like a bad b*tch.

Velvet skirt: She personally doesn't like wearing them, but they look good on 99% of people. They're your average A- line skirt but their fabric makes them extra festive and holiday like. They come in all
colors so you can play with the looks.Wear a collared shirt, buttoned up and tuck it in for a cute, wintery innocent look.

A great pair of gloves: cute gloves can really take an outfit from okay to awesome. She's been loving her little fur, open finger gloves. Also short gloves that just barely cover your entire hands are awesome. Might not be the most functional item in your closet, but it's a stylish little detail you can easily add to your winter outfit.

There ya have it, the complete She Must- Have List

Merry Christmas!

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