Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fashion by She: Dress Your Body Type- Short Ladies

Can't get a new pair of pants without getting them hemmed first? Cocktail dresses turn into church- length pieces? Even when you wear the highest heels in the room, everyone towers over you?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you and She share a mutual pain- being short.

The fashion world seems to revolve around tall, skinny girls, offering clothes that generally fit a specific body type. Being short has always been the one thing She would change about herself if She could (At 13 She was already wearing heels on a daily basis...). However, She learned that by choosing the right pieces, us short girls, can dress our body type perfectly. 

Here's a quick list of do's and don'ts to dress your body appropriately:
- DO: Shop the men's section! Graphic T- shirts are hot... graphic T- shirt dresses are hotter. Since shirts already fit you like dresses, take advantage of it and cut up a men's shirt's neckline, creating an off- the shoulder dress.
- DON'T: Wear thigh- high boots without a heel. Generally speaking, She doesn't think anyone should wear those if they're not heeled, but us, short girls, must STAY AWAY. They will make your legs appear a lot bigger and completely take away from your petite figure.
- DO: Wear high- wasted jumpers. Whereas many jumpers don't fit us properly, making us look like a little ball of fabric, high wasted jumpers actually work! They create an illusion of an elongated leg, hence making us look taller. Don't be fooled- low waist jumpers won't make your torso look nice and long, they'll make your legs look weirdly short. Bad bad bad.
- DON'T: Wear a mid- calf length pencil skirt. Cutting your calves with below the knee skirts is just a huge no no when you're short. It makes your calves look bulky, and the overall appearance isn't flattering. Wearing any below- the- knee pieces can get tricky for us, use your discretion, but generally try to avoid them.

Let She know if you have any other tips on short girl problems :)

- She

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