Monday, January 13, 2014

71st Annual Golden Globes - Best and Worst Dressed

Ladies and Gentlemen the only List that matters, the Fashion by He Best and Worst Dressed from the 71st Annual Golden Globes. Boring Awards, not one looked that good, no one looked that bad, but like all award shows

Notes: Why is everyone pregnant?

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler - They did both legit look really good, and He is not typically a Tina Fey fan.
Jennifer Lawrence  - Only because it was a decent outfit and no one else really looked that good.
Emma Watson- Not really a red carpet awards show outfit, but she still looked pretty f*cking good.

Jess Wilson - Love the leg showing off
 Julia Louis-Dreyfus - she's too funny not to include

Lena Dunham - Are you trying to look your worst all the time?

Lupita Nyong - Every chick on Earth loved this dress, but He doesn't get it, capes are never a good look.
Paula Patton - You look like white asparagus 
Sandra Bullock - You remind He of a colorful eggplant


Taylor Swift - He hates you.
Olivia Wilde - you are beautiful but no ones wants to see that much sequins, shoulda stayed home

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