Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HottHe of the Week...Keira Rae

Keira Rae from down under, is more of a writer than a fashion blogger, but a writer with style is good enough for He. Keira is helping He spread the No bra Revolution gospel down south and He really isn't sure there isn;t a better person to help out. He couldn't get bigger pictures unfortunately, but for this HottHe good things come in small packages. Doesn't take full screen pics to realize that Keira is our HottHe of the Week. Hopefully we can get her to do some writing for FbyHe!

How would you describe your style?   I hate wearing pants, I never match, and half of my wardrobe looks like the stylist department from a White Snake video clip. I guess if you were trying to define my style, its like a morning after rock and roll feel. Imagine Johnny Cash and an 80s Elle MacPherson making out and chasing it with a bottle of vodka, that’s my style . I never put effort into my outfits, I just go with what I’m feeling, that way I know I’m always comfortable and always me. I don’t dress to please others, I dress to please me.

Who is your Style Icon? I wouldn't say I have a particular style icon, I genuinely love and appreciate anyone who can rock a pair of denim shorts like they were a power suit

Favorite item you own?  I live in denim shorts, I've lost count at how many pairs I own

Who are your Favorite Designers?  To be honest, I don't have favorites, my mood and taste changes and evolves and so do the designers, brands I gravitate towards, thts the rad thing about fashion, its constantly evolving

HE Needs More HottHes? Non-Bloggers and Bloggers wanted, please be Hot and Stylish and most importantly He Approved. Send your name, facebook link, and where you are from to or Add He as a Facebook Friend.

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