Tuesday, December 10, 2013

He vs She: Headpieces- Cute or Stupid?

Functional fashion is obviously ideal, but She is often a fan of fashion trends that aren’t always so functional. We are all fully aware He hates headpieces, but it’s time someone stands up to him… Headpieces can be cute.

From hippie, to hipster to old school glam, a headpiece has the ability to tell the story behind the vibe you’re going for with your outfit. They come in all colors, textures and styles and can be paired with a huge variety of looks. Personally, on lazy days, She likes to go with a straight up- and down, plain dress and casual heels (Yes, She wears heels on lazy days too). This look can be easily transformed from boring to adorable with a simple headband.

She knows a counter argument could be: “you don’t need a headband to look cute, you look good without it”. That’s irrelevant, it’s like saying “you don’t need to wear this Tiffany’s key necklace to look pretty”. Accessories, in their nature, are not usually functional and a headpiece is no different. It can add a feminine touch to an otherwise plain outfit and is therefore She approved. 
HE's EDITORS NOTE: Headpieces are the WORST. He hasn't ever seen a girl pull these off in a good way ever.  No guy wants a girl with a 6" flower in her hair, no guy wants a girl with a metal hat on top of her head. A Headband maybe can look decent, but let's be honest, 99% of the population should stay as far away from headpieces as humanly possible. For you people who actually wear them and think you look good, let's not fool yourselves, you look a lot worse than you think you do, and your girlfriends aren't telling you so because it just makes them look better.

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