Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FashionTALK by He...Noe Undergarments

He and She sat down with designers Bonnie Rae of Shelah Jean of NOE Undergarments for a detailed interview, probably the best FbyHe has done so far. The newest collection is turning heads all over the fashion world, and grabbed He's attention at Lingerie Fashion Week. This is a brand the world needs to know about...take a look...

She: Tell us about yourselves, how is it to work as a duo? How did the idea for NOE come about? Our relationship is quite unique, being twins, we are joined literally at the hip even though we may not be at the same place at the same time. Shelah is living on Kauai and Bonnie living in Laguna Beach, we often do much of our conversation via video chat and talk probably 10 times a day (thank goodness for Skype!). We get together often, every other month Bonnie is either back on Kauai or Shelah is in Laguna Beach and we're collaborating. We often start with our individual inspiration and then we meet... more times than not we end up having ideas that are crazy similar.... even down to the colors! As far as starting NOE- since we were in our teens, we have dreamed of starting a lingerie line... we always loved how something you can wear that is so small and often discrete can make you feel so sexy, confident and beautiful! We started really talking about the idea a few years ago and started putting pen to paper on the concept about a 2 years back.

He:Describe Noe Undergarments in one word? Independent

She: With the rapid growth in the undergarment and lingerie industry, how do you differentiate yourself from competitors? Being lingerie lovers, we had a hard time finding progressive lingerie that we really loved that worked for us, especially here in the US. Like most fashion categories, you have your favorite jeans or favorite shoe brands but we didn't have a favorite "go to" lingerie label and therefore we created NOE! In general our biggest influences for our designs come from our travels and cultural experiences. Bonnie and I have been so fortunate to travel around the world and this is something that has come to life in our designs. Growing up in Kauai has also influenced our overall aesthetic ... it's really led to develop a minimalistic feel to the collection... no frills or unneeded design elements but rather simple, clean and straight to the point! We really try not to look or feel swayed by trends and what other labels are doing. Our creative process takes place from within and what we have experienced… thus we truly believe we will remain unique in the lingerie market going forward.

She: Your brand focuses on the idea of empowering women. How do you feel the collection conveys this mission? Our collection is designed to allow women to feel their ultimate best. Whether you’re wearing one of our Ryan Bustiers under a business suit working in NYC or lounging on a beach in Hawaii with the Alfie Slip covering your bikini, it’s all about feeling confident, strong and pretty damn sexy by these intimate pieces!

He:What is one piece of clothing you cannot live without? Bonnie loves her ACNE Pop Jeans… they are drop crotch, ankle length, men-inspired jeans. Shelah loves her R13 Trucker Jean Jeacket… amazing worn-in denim, oversized and her opinion the only jacket you will ever need.

He: What is your favorite lingerie trend? We love how the current trend of innerwear is being shown and accepted as outerwear. We have always been huge fans of letting our lingerie show… we absolutely follow this with our label. All our bras are designed to be worn under low scoop tanks or dresses, our leggings can be worn alone or as a perfect piece for a shorter dress or long tee and our slips can all be worn as cover ups, layered or hidden…

She: What’s your favorite item in your current collection? Bonnie loves the NOE Undergarments Ryan Bra… she wears this under just about everything! The fit, the feel and the amazing colors make this her ‘go to’ favorite. Shelah loves the Zachary Bodysuit… the amazing back lines, the ultimate comfort of the luxury mesh fabric and all around multiple ways to wear the piece make this her favorite.

He: In your opinion, whats the biggest "fashion faux pas?" We would have to say our biggest ‘fashion faux pas’ would be wearing pieces that are only ying or only yang…. For example, if you wear a short mini skirt, short tank, high heels and exposed lacy bra, overkill on the ying, If you wear boyfriend baggy jeans,a big oversized tee, sports bra, oxford shoes, way too much yang.. it’s all about mixing the YING & YANG!!

He: Are granny panties ever acceptable? Absolutely… We love granny panties!!! High-waisted briefs are what we consider the GP (aka: Granny Panny) … we adore these styles as long as the quality is there, we are 100% huge fans (and you can see this in a few of our pieces). It’s about how you mix it. if your going to wear a GP, then pair it with a super sexy, maybe strappy bra, it’s about the balance!

He: He believes high heels are a must, what are your thoughts? Especially with lingerie. We love high heels! Keeping with our Ying & Yang philosophy, we feel high heels pair best with more ‘masculine’ pieces… our Alfie Jumper, maybe even the famous GP!!

He: If you could have your clothes appear on the floor of one celebrity sex tape, who's would it be? Oh wow, hard question!!! Hmmm…. We adore Rhianna, love her style, her vibe, the confidence she exudes, so if she ever did a sex tape, our pieces on the floor would be FANTASTIC! Heeeheehee….

She: Absolutely love all the fashion forward pieces you introduced in your debut collection! What can we look forward to from Noe Undergarments? Oh we’re so excited about everything for SS14! The SS14 collection builds upon our label’s signature capsules- They Ryan, Edward, Aflie, Peter and Oliver… we’ve infused fresh colors and new silhouettes and styles into each. We’ve introduced some unique high-grade meshes and novelty stretch fabrics to the collection and we’re dying over a new amazing white lambskin that we’ve brought in for specialty pieces.

He: Any last words? In life and in fashion it’s all about the beauty of opposites attracting. Mix quaintness with rawness, softness with roughness, fluidity with structure and aggression with passiveness, yet at same time keep it simple with no unneeded complexities. This is our fashion philosophy… if it makes any sense!?!? Hoping this is what NOE Undergarments exudes to the consumer and all of our fans!!!

Thank you for the LOVE!
Xo Shelah + Bonnie


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