Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fashion by She: 2 Minute Smokey Eye

The fashion world seems to have an unspoken rule about looking bad on a lazy day- it's simply prohibited. Whether you partied a little too hard, stayed up late watching Netflix, or spent too much time on last night... There's a way to cheat your way around looking good with little effort- The 2 Minute Smokey Eye:

What you need: eye shadow brush, mascara, eyelash curler (optional), top and bottom eye- liner, Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay.

Step 1: Using your eye shadow brush apply Venus (lightest shade on the palette) on your entire lid. Don't forget to apply it directly under your eyebrows as well- highlighting is key!
Step 2: Using your index finger apply Crave (darkest shade on the palette) on your outer lid, slowly working your way in towards the inner lid. Make sure to get your creases. Venus and Crave will blend mid- lid and creating a grey shade, preventing from the black on the outer lid from looking too harsh.
Step 3: Apply top and bottom liner.
Step 4: Curl lashes (optional) and apply mascara.

You're welcome.

- She

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