Sunday, December 22, 2013

AU VYDA Buy for Now, Wear Forever...

A delicate butterfly embodies the spirit of life, freedom, and transcendent beauty. Inspired, AU VYDA aspires to combine the timeless aspects of nature with the transient touch of human modernity, creating a lifestyle that exemplifies the splendor of ease, elegance, and subtle confidence.

The AU VYDA woman has command over her presence with a taste for artisanal craftsmanship. Whether she is from the richly dynamic Tokyo, the quiet serenity of Alsace, or the casual comforts of Los Angeles, the AU VYDA woman is garbed in drapery that accents her aloof, artistic, and highly tasteful aesthetic.

 A simple collection, with timeless pieces that can fit a wide variety of looks. Whether its a pant or a shirt or a dress, these items can be paired and worn in so many different ways on so many different occasions. AU VYDA is a must have for 2014.

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