Monday, November 18, 2013

He's 1st Date Outfit "Do’s & Don’ts"...

Congratulations! You have secured a first date. Now the question becomes: what the hell are you gonna wear? Gotta ask yourself a question first: What do you want out of this date? If you want to get laid, dress and/or act slutty and it will probably work every time. If you want something a little more meaningful, read on. You want to feel good on your date, so dress to impress. Always start with heels. Personally for He, if a girl shows up to a date and she isn’t in heels, she’s already dug herself a hole.

Unless you are going to be on an active date, wear heels. They make everything look better, plain and simple. After you have a pair of heels everything else is easy, or should be. What you wear will say a lot about you: dress too conservatively and the guy will think you’re not as fun and possible a ton of work; dress too whore-ish and, well, see paragraph 1. He says be comfortable but classy, show some skin, jeans are always a safe bet. Dresses are good too if you’re going to a classier joint.

Oh and if you’re gonna be cold, bring a damn jacket or something. He hates hearing a girl complain all night about being cold (providing He doesn’t have a jacket to give). Unless you want He to come warm you up (fine by He), bring something to keep you warm.

Now that we covered what to wear, lets get another thing straight. Blind date, first date, whatever date – You do not shake hands on a first date!!! Welcome to 2013, give a hug and/or a kiss on the cheek. He knows from first hand experience, some girls try to shake hands, give He a break. Unless the guy is foaming from the mouth, or some other clear disorder, you look date-retarded if you don’t give the kiss on the cheek. It’s harmless.

Don’t offer to pay, save your energy. Its a first date, the guy should always pay, and that’s for everything, none of this 50/50 sh*t either. No guy deserves a second date if he lets a girl shell out money on date one.
Best of luck on getting a second date. He isn’t a fan of all the “wait two days” bullsh*t. With  texting and whatever else there is, people talk so much, not talking for 2 days would be weird after a good date. Call her, bbm her, text her, let her know you had a good time. Also doesn’t hurt if the girl sends a little thank you when she gets home: “had a great time, thanks again.” unless of course it sucked.

HE's EDITORS NOTE: This was a feature He did for MidtownGirls Blog a long while back but people have been asking for it gain, so here it is.

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