Tuesday, November 12, 2013

He vs She: The Things Women Love vs The Things Men Love to Hate

He and She clearly agree on many things: Uggs should never be an option, braless outfits are always better and heels are a must. However, He and She often disagree on fashion trends and think it's time to let YOU decide who's right...

Red Lips

She: Super glam look, doesn't require much effort and makes your lips pop. If you got the red lips going you really don't have to bother with heavy eye make up and save yourself some time in the morning. Finally, use lip stain, NOT gloss/ stick if you plan on using your lips for any kind of activities...;-)

He: Is that going to get all over me? Besides herpes this is the second worst way to get a guy to want to kiss you.

High Wasted Pants

She: She is so tired of boys saying they look like mom jeans.. They make you look hella skinny and allow you to wear cropped tops. The illusion they create of longer legs and a smaller waist is definitely a She favorite.
He: Obviously a picture is worth a thousand words. This image is exactly why 73.3% of girls look terrible in high waisted pants. If you have a good body, then maybe She is right, they can make you look skinnier, probably look okay with a crop top, He isn't totally against them with a flair bottom and a high wedge, but all in all, most people probably should stay away.

Short Hair vs Long Hair

She: It hasn't fully hit North America quite yet, but all the ladies in Europe are rockin the short hair/ bobs. She thinks it's awesome and loves the Anna Wintour style. Looks chic with a beanie and doesn't get messy when you wear a big scarf. She approved for sure.

He: Pretty sure 99.9% of guys prefer longer hair to shorter hair. Hair is a very underrated assets a girl can have, keep it long, make it shiny and nice, and we will be your biggest fan. Only certain girls can pull off the short hair look.

Turtle Necks

She: She wasn't a fan at first, gave She an "old lady" vibe. After shopping around though, it's been growing on She. An oversized turtle neck could look awesome on a sweater dress/ tight sweater under a fall jacket/ a cropped top. It's one of those trends you really gotta be careful with... There's a fine line between a cute, flirty turtle neck look and a horrible wardrobe malfunction. Don't cross it ladies!!

He: What are you hiding under there, an Adam's apple? Necks can be sexy, no reason to cover them up. Until He sees someone wear a turtle neck and have it look good, He is going to remain anti-turtle neck.

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