Friday, November 22, 2013

FashionVOTE by He...Who Wore it Better?

Two very typical NYC girl outfits for Fall.

Girl 1: Tights and shorts is one of the more popular looks for Fall and a He favorite. Any girl that lives in NYC has a vest of some sort and they aren't shy about breaking them out. This was a well put together outfit, probably left overs from the night before but she is ready for a Sunday brunch and a walk around the city. He Approved outfit for sure.
Girl 2: All black all the time is every truly NYC girls motto. Leggings as pants absolutely, but for you that hate that trend, her sweater does cover much of her ass. Can't go wrong in this outfit of all black.

Which outfit do you like?

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1 comment:

  1. In my opinion the left look is great & so is the right, just love black and leather ! But the boots 'ruin' the whole picture of number 1 so I'm going for number 2!
    PS : just discovered your blog and now following you via bloglovin (name : Lyn De Sloovere , blog : Blonde Butterflies)
    Lots of love from a 'she' from Belgium, Europe! xx


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