Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fashion by She: The Rule of 1...

With winter coming up it's getting harder to come up with hot outfits, not being able to show off skin and all. This is exactly where She comes in... Ladies, I present you with the rule of 1. Plain and simple, decide on one part of your body you want to show off by revealing and emphasizing it. Your options are endless: legs, arms, front cleavage, side boob, waist... If your boobs are out, don't go for a mini skirt. If your legs are showing, make sure to cover up your top half. This rule is exactly what makes you hot and elegant rather than trashy and cheap. My personal favorite right now is the side boob (He calls it the new cleavage...). Wear the right dress and heels to a night out, and the right men will be the ones buying you drinks.

The dress I wore out last weekend was a very straight up and down, flowy piece. It didn't show off any waist or bum, and had a high neck line. Paired with a body chain and outrageously high heels, even He's jaw dropped.

HE's EDITORS NOTE:  This is actually an exceptional rule. As much as He wants to see as little clothing as possible, its not realistic, and it won't look good. Showing off one sexy part of your body at a time is a great way to draw attention without over doing it.

P.S. Here is a list of underrated female body parts - shoulders, hip, ankles, back, 

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