Friday, November 22, 2013

Fashion by She: High Neckline, Small Waistline- Jingle 'Belles' Vintage Collection by ModCloth

The 1950 silhouettes are finally back! She is a sucker for these, would dress like this every single day if She could. Guys are obvs not huge fans of the high necklines (sorry), but I mean what this does to your figure is unreal- elongates your torso, shrinks your waist, creates the perf hour- glass lines... It's not your average go to, but She suggests you def try to get accustomed to this style, soon enough it will be everywhere. This isn't one of those sponsored posts, She simply LOVES what ModCloth offers this season and thinks it's a good way to introduce yourself to this type of attire. It's cute, chic and sophisticated... What's not to love?

HE's EDITORS NOTE: Nothing about this looks good. If you want to go back and dress like its the 1950s we are going to treat you like its the 1950s...back in the kitchen you go woman. He needs to eat ;-)

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