Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fashion by She: DIY T- Shirt Dress

This is probably one of the easiest DIYs on the internet, but it can completely transform your look. All you need is a FashionbyHe big t-shirt, scissors and one safety pin, (yes, no sewing needed!)

First you have to decide which part of your body you'd like to emphasize, (remember: rule of 1). She focused on the waist, with a hint of torso. Where you decide to make the slits will generally determine the silhouette you're creating: vertical slits on the torso will elongate it, horizontal slits on the waist will create an hour- glass shaped outline, and slits on your sleeves can make your arms look skinnier.

Getting them even can get tricky, so make sure to mark your lines before cutting. If the fabric is dark you can always use white eyeliner, works perfectly.
Once the slits are done, all there is left is to decide is how tight you want the dress to be. She loves the baggy T- shirt look, so you might want to skip this step altogether. However, if you would like to go for a fitted look, make sure to pin your shirt from the inside! No one needs to see a metal safety pin hanging on your back.

There you have it... a 5 minute long DIY that created such an adorable outfit. Pair your T- shirt dress with knee high socks/ tights and you're golden.

HE's EDITORS NOTE: T-Shirt as a dress with a pair of heels, how could He not love this look. DIY T-Shirt projects are always extremely popular, whether turning t-shirts into tank tops, dresses, muscle ts, anything, turning a t-shirt into something else seems to be an easy, simple idea that usually ends up making the shirt look better than it did before.

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